Today I had a quick second to sit down with my boss... the General Manager and Executive Chef at BLOC Coffee Company; Roger Rose. He took a few questions from me that I figured might shed a little more light on our new location at City Hall. If you have any further questions, feel free to drop us a line on social media! I'm excited to open our doors in January. Back to work until then!


Tanner: So, Roger! I hear we're expanding to a downtown location. How long have you been working on that?

Roger: Since about August. The city sent out a request for a proposal to a variety of vendors. With that came survey results from city employees regarding the current vendor and what they're like to see change. Out of the 12 vendors that applied, we were selected!

T: Well awesome. When are we moving down there?

R: We are in the process of building out the space now. We'll open for service January 3rd. We'll just be M-F with initial hours being 7a-2p. 

T: So, why no weekend and no later hours?

R: Currently, City Hall isn't open on the weekends. It's something we're planning on exploring in the future. For now, we want to start small and build a customer base before we launch in to more robust hours. 

T: Well fingers crossed that that happens soon! What are some things people can expect to see on the menu? Same as the Price Hill location?

R: Yes, all the Cortados, Capps, house-made sauces, drink specials, pastries, breakfast, lunch, they're all here to stay. I'm planning on doing a little more robust lunch option. Soups and salads are currently slated to fill that void. 

T: I'm pumped to see what you put together for that. I think my last question might be the most important: Doesn't City Hall have security? Will I have to get cavity searched to grab a cup of joe in the morning?

R: It does. Pretty low key though. It should only take around 30s to get through. It's not like TSA at the airport or anything. Don't plan on bringing any dangerous metal objects in, but phones and laptops and such should be just fine. We will be taking call ahead orders so your coffee or food will be ready for you when you arrive, or if you don't feel like messing with security, or even walking, we'll have delivery options available. 

T: I thought heaven would be the only place I could get BLOC Coffee Delivered. Praise de Lawd.