GEN. MANAGER / EXEC. CHEF- Where to start with Roger? He's the bossman. He's a teddy bear. He's got a soft spot for the finer things in life. Good food, good coffee, good bourbon, good cigars. He's the captain of the ship, and we love the guy. 

Paul Miller

ASSIST. MANAGER // LEAD BARISTA- First things first, Paul can pour more stacks in a cappuccino mug than any of us care to mention. The guy has an incredible talent with coffee and people, which makes him great for the job he does here. We're lucky to have him. 


rhett harkins

COFFEE + CULTURE COACH- There are too many awesome things to say about Rhett. He's pretty much been here since the beginning. He makes a crazy good capp (the staff refers to them as  "Rhett-a-ccinos"), and he cares a ton about this place. The people, the coffee, the community of East Price Hill that surrounds it... stop in on a Thursday morning and enjoy some great coffee, and what's sure to be a good conversation with this guy. 


Tanner worked as a barista for BLOC a few years back (and still covers bar shifts on occasion). He's basically here so much now we just gave him a job (kidding). Tanner oversees BLOC's media. Photography, videography, web design, pretty much all of it. Check out his small business at RECEPTIMO.COM if you're interested in anything similar!